Step by Step Guide on How to Install A Residential Fence

If you’re planning to install a fence soon and want to know more about how it’s done, then you came to the right place. Most of the time, privacy fences for homes are installed about 6ft tall and it’s very ideal that you buy fencing panels in prefabricated 8-foot sections even though slats can also be bought individually. Below, you will learn a step by step guide on how to install a fence using this ratio. 

 Residential Fence

Steps on How to Install a 6ft Privacy Fence  

  1. Mark Posts and Corners

Begin by laying out the locations for end posts and corners. Mark all these spots with some indicator to enable you in adjusting the locations as needed. Fences are very simple to install on moderately level terrain. However, adjustments could easily be created for minor grades. Set these end posts and corners carefully. This is because their placement will affect the appearance of the fence. Use a post that is around 8 to 10 feet high for a 6-foot fence.  

  1. Start Digging a Hole

Dig at least a 24-inch deep hole. Make sure that diameter is around 3 times larger than the width of the post. It may be required to dig a hole deeper than 25 inches if the location of your fence is subject to high vibration and is unprotected. You might need to pour first a small concrete footer and let it harden before going further in very soft soil. Add the depth of the footer to the depth of your hole. 

  1. Secure Your Post

To secure the post, there are 2 other methods. First is packing the hole with gravel and the second is filling the hole with cement. Using gravel to fill up the hole doesn’t need any curing. Also, it’s much easy to pull out the post whenever it is needed. Gravel will let water to drain. This will avoid wood rot and would also make the fence flexible somehow. This allows the fence to slightly give in the wind. 

  1. Set Corner Post

Between the corner posts, string a line at around 13 inches from the top. At the bottom, you should do the exact same thing. These lines will be utilized in setting your middle posts. In the same manner as the corner posts, dig your holes. You should set the 1st post 8 feet on center, determining from the exterior edge of the corner post.  

  1. Installing Panels

Lastly, it’s time for you to install the panels once all the fence posts have been allowed to cure and set. Begin installing the panels by either screwing them or nailing them to the posts starting at the corner post. To assist in holding them, you can place spacers under the panels. This will keep the proper distance from the ground.  

  1. Professional Assistance

Installing a fence is no easy task. This is why if you think the fence that you’re installing is not stable enough for your property, then we suggest that you ask assistance from a reliable fence company that offers high-quality fence services like installing wood fence, vinyl fence, aluminum fence, and many more.